Smart Call Center

Today Contact Centers need to transform their customer's experience from delightful single interaction to an entire journey of personalized and consistent interactions. Customer Experience(CX) is all about engaging customer on a channel of their choice and allowing them to hop from one channel to another seamlessly while keeping their omni channel experience uniform

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CALL CENTER SOLUTION - a robust contact/ call center software that helps organizations provide a seamless customer experience across all channels in the customer service journey. All interactions from various channels come to a single unified queue on the InterDialog platform. With unified view agents get to see all historical interactions , enabling him to give a resolution quickly. InterDialog UCCS is a comprehensive Contact/Call Center Software with robust CTI, Unified Q ( ACD), Reporting, Unified Agent Management, Administrator, Supervisor - Monitoring (Pmonitor)

Voice - handle Inbound/Outbound calls efficiently

Inbound call center solution With self service, multilevel IVR and intelligent routing, resolve queries easily

Outbound call center software - Click to Call, Progressive & Predictive Dialer with advance dialing logics

IVR Software - allow customers to help themselves

Reduce costs with self service options,Handle off hours queries( service round the clock)

Mobile - delight customers on the go with web call back

Visual IVR(visually guided menus to aid customer)

CRM integration

CRM integration with inbound call pop-up

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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

  • Skill-based routing functionality directs calls to an available agent with the highest skill level to handle the communication traffic
  • This helps to ensure that your clients are getting together with someone who has the skill to assist them to.
  • Thereby lowering the instances where customers have to be transferred, escalated or called back.

Smart Call Center Features Computer Telephony Integration

  • CTI allows you to leverage telephone functionality integration to our CRM products.Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) interfaces interconnect with your computer, enabling the:
  • Management and data delivery to the Agent like screen pop up.
  • Control of telephony functions from the desktop like transfer, mute, conference, etc.
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