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Smart Vehicle Management

Smart Vehicle Management welcome guests with the beautifully simple visitor management solution that keeps your workplace safe and saves your team time. See exactly who's visiting your office, when, and why. Know instantly if a visitor doesn't meet your criteria for entry, and promote a healthy workplace.

Smart Vehicle Management is a visitor management system for housing society and is meant to keep the proper record of the visitors. With the help of this software the security person can easily allot the gate pass/visitor pass in a very short time. It also keep the records of visitor previous visits. In case of emergency these records are very essential to identify the visitor at a later stage.

Smart Vehicle Management solve the security problem of any society irrespective of its size with an ease. It inform the meeting person regarding guest arrival through email. The visitor can exit from any gate. It also increases the revenue of the organisation by making them more systemized. In short it facilitates a seamless visitor journey.

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