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Smart Circuit Breaker Features


The S3-EL residual current operated circuit breaker has a rated insulation voltage of 1000V and is suitable for power distribution networks from 50A to 630A, AC 50Hz, and rated operating voltage 415V (400V for 125/250A). The product is used to distribute electric energy and protect lines, protect power equipment from overload, undervoltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding and other faults, provide indirect contact protection, and effectively prevent fire hazards caused by equipment insulation damage and ground fault current generation. At the same time, it has a built-in high-precision metering device to achieve high-precision and reliable power measurement and power quality data detection.

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Smart Circuit Breaker Features

  • Using a high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor for real-time signal acquisition and processing.
  • Dual CPU dual protection electronic tripping, high breaking capacity design. Long delay, short delay and instantaneous three-stage protection can reliably perform overcurrent and short-circuit protection functions even when the line voltage is abnormal. The long delay supports current inverse time limit operation to ensure the reliability of line protection.
  • Supports short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overtemperature, phase loss, unbalance, zero loss (only three-phase unbalanced load supports), and residual current protection functions. All protection functions and parameters can be set and modified online.
  • Supports fault automatic reclosing function, closing function, closing delay, and number of closings can be configured
  • Built-in high-precision measurement dedicated chip supports high-precision current, voltage, active power, reactive power, and apparent power measurement, and the energy measurement accuracy can reach 0.5 level. Various electrical parameters, alarm information and operating status can be displayed in real time
  • Monitor the residual current of the line in real time, and the fastest time can be up to 0.05 seconds when maintaining action. The residual current gear can be adjusted online and supports adaptive tracking and adjustment of the residual current gear.
  • Supports power quality analysis function, can monitor grid frequency, harmonics and imbalance, and supports real-time display of current and voltage waveforms of each phase.
  • Supports peak and valley power accumulation function and supports two-way energy statistics.
  • It has the function of temperature detection of upper and lower terminals with a resolution of ±1°C, and can perform circuit heating protection.
  • It supports infrared and RS485 communication functions, and can also be plugged into standard communication modules to support 4G, HPLC and WIFI communication. It supports cloud platforms to realize remote signaling, telemetry, remote control and remote adjustment.
  • With a complete log system, parameter modification, fault protection, and opening and closing control can be recorded and queried.
  • LCD menu design supports multi-language, opening and closing and status indicator lights. The human-machine interface is friendly and easy to operate.


Usage environment

  • The installation site should be free of conductive dust, corrosive gases, flammable and explosive gases, and free of rain and snow.
  • Altitude ≯2000m.
  • Normal working environment temperature -15℃~+60℃.
  • Pollution level: Level 3
  • Protection level: IP20.
  • The magnetic field strength of the external magnetic field at the installation site shall not exceed 5 times the earth's magnetic field in any direction.
  • The installation location should have good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions.
  • The product derating factors are shown in Table 1-2.
  • The high-altitude derating factors are shown in Table 1-3.